Scanfill AB’s overall business model is sustainable packaging materials, suitable for various applications and segments, for example food, electrical components, and industrial applications. We care about the earth’s resources, therefore recyclable and environmentally friendly plastic packaging is essential to us.

Scanfoil is our name for the group of thermoforming materials PP, PET, and PS. These materials are customer adapted with choices of many features and appearances.

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Our broad material portfolio and expertise enable us to guide you to choose the right packaging material. Depending on the requirements of your product, different materials have different advantages. Choosing a sustainable packaging material means focus on both saving material and food waste.

Environmental benefits

The choice of packaging material is vital for the use-phase and where the material comes from, and what happens with it after it is used.

Scanfoil materials have multiple options regarding sourcing. We can use recycled material, from both post-industrial and post-consumer sources, and virgin material, all depending on the requirements and needs of the project.

For us, it is a matter of course to produce environmentally friendly plastic packaging, and we are proud to be able to create new high-quality material from recycled plastic packaging.

Scanfoil can, in some cases, be based on renewable resources to lower the environmental impact and not use as much oil as fossil-based materials.

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Recyclable and environmentally friendly plastic packaging is very essential to us.

Features and Options

The Scanfoil foils can be customized in multiple ways. We can add features like anti-fog to showcase foodstuff more clearly, we can add and improve both the seal-ability to speed up the sealing process in the filling machines and the peel-ability to ease the opening for the end-user. We can also add a slip agent to smoothen the handling of packaging in various industrial situations.


An added EVOH-barrier will help the packaging to fulfill tough shelf-life requirements. Scanfoil EVOH is available with low, medium and high level of barrier.

Packaging for technical components can require conductive features to protect the content. Scanfoil ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) is an anti-static feature that helps the packaging to eliminate static charges or prevent discharge of the component. Scanfoil ESD can be adjusted to the required level of conductivity.

Scanfoil Product range


Scanfill not only produces a recyclable and sustainable packaging material, but we also adapt it to the customer’s unique needs.

Colors are a great way to differentiate your products from competitors. Our technology and experience allow you to have dual colors on the same foil, one on each side.

We can color match according to your specifications.

Scanfill has developed a high-tech Carbon Black Free option of dark colors, including black, making the foil NIR detectable in waste sorting facilities, increasing the recycling rate of packaging.

Scanfoil PP, PET, and PS all have different levels of transparency, which we can customer adapt according to needed specifications. That is why Scanfoil is an excellent choice for food packaging, for example.

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