Scanfill BIO Extrusion

Scanfill BIO Extrusion has very similar properties and benefits as Scanfill Extrusion, but delivers an even lower environmental impact. 

The material is sustainable and fully recyclable; the difference being that fossil-based PP is replaced with bio-based PE.

Bio-based PE, which is also used in Scanfill BIO Bottle, is produced with raw material derived from sugar cane.

Scanfill BIO Extrusion can be extruded in existing equipment and has, thanks to its surface structure, benefits in IML (In Mould Labelling).

When the label is placed in the tool, before the packaging is formed, air is easier extracted from the space between the label and the packaging. 

Scanfill BIO Extrusion

Scanfill BIO Extrusion is a more sustainable alternative with a lower CO2-impact on the climate.

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