Scanfill produce material used in thermoforming. We manufacture sustainable foil in different widths and thicknesses, everything according to the customer’s needs. Something that is then processed into thermoformed packaging.

At Scanfill, our focus is on environmentally friendly and recyclable materials for the packaging industry. The part of the material that consists of oil-based polymer, can be replaced by a polymer based on fossil-free raw materials. Scanfill is the best choice for the environment.

Our materials for thermoforming

Lower environmental impact 

Scanfill’s material concept, by polymer reduction, adds huge environmental advantages to competing material groups. The advantage is that we use only half as much polymer in our material.

As a result of this the LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) shows between 40 to over 60% lower CO2-impact during the whole life of the end product.

Lower environmental impact

Properties and possibilities of our thermoforming materials

Scanfill Sheet Products