Our biomaterials is our materials used for thermoforming with even lower environmental impact.

Our biomaterials has the same benefits and similar properties as Scanfill Foil, but the biomaterials has an even lower environmental impact, since the raw material for Bio PE comes from the sugarcane plant instead of oil. Bio PE is based on renewable raw material, which makes it a more sustainable alternative with a lower CO2-impact on our climate. Just like the Scanfill Foil, the foil can be produced with as much as 75% recycled material.

Our biomaterials has a soft surface structure and is recyclable

This material has an important advantage detail, as well as our other materials. It has a soft surface structure that is well suited for In Mould Labeling (IML) where the label is placed in the mould before the product is formed.

Otherwise, the characteristics between Scanfill Foil and our biomaterials are similar. They keep the same high quality, give the customer great freedom of choice, and can be formed in already existing moulds.

Our biomaterials is recyclable with polyethylene (PE).

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