Our products are fully recyclable and reduce the impact on our environment.

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News,22 January, 2024

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About Scanfill

Scanfill AB is a Swedish, innovative knowledge-based company that delivers world-class end products –
and which also fulfil today’s ecological demands in regard to sustainability and the environment. 


Our production

In order to serve our customers and their unique requirements, we have three foil extruders with co-extrusion capabilities to produce foil for thermoformed packaging.


Sustainability and recycling

Is plastic a part of a sustainable society? Absolutely! It is the best material for increasing sustainability, reducing the impact on the environment in order to achieve a successful spiral economy.


World-class environmentally friendly packaging material


Scanfill AB is a Swedish, innovative knowledge-based company that delivers world-class, environmentally friendly packaging material, fulfilling today’s ecological demands concerning sustainability and the environment. We care about the Earth’s resources and work consciously to ensure our products have as little impact on the environment as possible. Scanfill provides environmentally friendly packaging material, focusing on two material options: Scanfoil and Scanfill Foil. Scanfoil is our traditional packaging material based on PP, PE, PS, or PET.
Scanfill Foil is our other concept, half of which consists of minerals. Both concepts are climate-smart, and our focus is on selecting suitable plastic for the proper purpose.

Our materials are fully recyclable


Our materials can also be manufactured from recycled raw materials or customized into higher technology materials for more demanding products. In addition, our products are approved for food contact, and our materials are 100% recyclable. Scanfill’s operations are based on three keywords: environment, sustainability, and recycling. As a result, we recover our waste energy, our material is fully recyclable and increases the sustainability of many food products, and we work to achieve a spiral economy. Read about why plastic waste is a valuable raw material that helps us create a sustainable future. Click here for expert assistance in finding climate-smart options for your company. We call this making intelligent material choices, which allows you to reduce your company’s carbon footprint.