Scanfill Bottle

The Scanfill Bottle material is designed for Extrusion Blow Moulding and consists of 55% HDPE and 45% mineral.

The high mineral content means that Scanfill Bottle, like Scanfill BIO Bottle, has a built-in light barrier, which means that it increases the shelf life of, for example, dairy products and excludes the need for carbon black as a middle layer. 

In addition, the mineral gives a better thermal conductivity compared to other materials, plus there is a smaller amount of polymer to be heated and cooled.

Scanfill Bottle

Scanfill Bottle can be dyed in many colors and is smart when recycling.

The total polymer reduction is 45% and the bottle does not have the same spring-back effect as a PE bottle, which is a great advantage in recycling since the compressed bottle does not take up so much space. 

Other benefits with Scanfill Bottle

  • The increased barrier which creates a longer path for gas molecules to pass through the material (oxygen and water vapor, OTR & WVTR).  
  • The matt surface is printable.
  • Different layer structure for different foods. Sometimes a pure PE layer is recommended on the inside.
  • Co-extrusion is possible, and approved for milk in mono-layers.  
  • It is recyclable together with PE.

Our granules can be produced in most colors and processed with existing machinery in existing moulding tools.