Scanfill is part of a EU project that further develop the source sorting of packaging

News,21 August, 2017

Scanfill’s parent company Polykemi participates as one of three partners in an European Union project in the research and innovation program Horizon 2020 called NIR-Sort. The materials produced in the project may be used in packaging materials via Scanfill.

The project aims to replace carbon black and other conventional pigment by new pigments being detectable by infrared light (NIR). This will enable NIR sorting operations to separate black and coloured plastics from waste streams to a level of purity, making it possible to be recycled and reused in highly engineered polymers.

The two year project will be led by Luxus Ltd in cooperation with Polykemi, who will participate by formulating, processing and testing materials. The resulting materials might then be further evaluated for use in innovative packaging material via Scanfill. The third partner, One51, will participate with their injection moulding manufacturing expertise.

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