Our wide material range gives you the optimal packaging material

News,13 October, 2022

An upgraded machine park, new materials and the same drive to always be the innovative and flexible partner for the sustainable packaging materials of the future. This is what we guarantee you as a Scanfill customer.

For us it is a matter of course to always deliver a material-smart alternative adapted to the customer’s needs; to use the right material for the right purpose. During this fall, Scanfill has introduced new materials, giving the customer many different options, six of which are different types of PP.

“Our wide range of materials gives our customers great opportunities to choose the right material for their product, considering the different functions that the packaging should fulfill,” says Niklas Linde, salesperson at Scanfill.

Well thought-out options for the customer

Packaging should not only be visually appealing, it should be functional, ensure product durability and be cost-effective, while leaving as low CO2 footprint as possible and generating a high recycling rate.

Scanfill’s experts can help with that equation.

“We produce everything from virgin to recycled materials. This allows our experts to make an objective assessment of the different materials and put the customer’s interests first,” explains Karl Banke, technical support at Scanfill.

“We have a unique position in Scandinavia and thanks to the support we have by being a part of Polykemi Group, we have access to modern laboratories and a strong development department. This makes us a flexible partner at the forefront of developing the materials of the future.”

Climate-optimized packaging materials

Scanfill has expanded its machinery in recent years and can now produce all common packaging materials, based on both virgin and recycled raw materials. The company can produce materials with EVOH and the choice of colors can be tailored to the customer’s wishes. The wide range of materials enables Scanfill to supply different types of packaging materials, ranging from industrial packaging with an ESD option to materials for food packaging.