Extrusion blow moulding

For extrusion blow moulding, Scanfill offers two different materials; Scanfill Bottle and Scanfill BIO Bottle. Common to both is the fact that they increase the life time of the product, are environmentally friendly and fully recyclable. 

The mineral in the Scanfill Bottle material creates some light barrier, which can mean that other light barriers can be avoided. The increased stiffness and thermal conductivity makes it possible to reduce the thickness. This also reduces the weight and increases the productivity.

Lower environmental impact 

Scanfill’s material concept, by polymer reduction, adds huge environmental advantages to competing material groups. Our advantage is that we use only half as much polymer in our material for the bottles.

As a result of this the LCA (Life Cycle Analysis) shows between 40 to over 60% lower CO2-impact during the whole life of the end product.

Lower environmental impact

Our materials for extrusion blow molding

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