Plastic waste is a valuable raw material

Aktuellt & Press, News,17 September, 2019

One of the big and important issues for both industry and individuals is how we can increase sustainability and recycle the material that exists today. One solution is to create new life for previously used material.

Scanfill calls it a spiral economy and has been working for many years to create valuable raw materials from waste.

How are new raw materials created from waste?

By working together, across borders and by saving and reusing the resources that man has already used.

–  It’s about using the right material in the right place, says Oscar Hugoson, Vice President of Scanfill, who creates new and valuable raw material from materials that already exist and which have also been discarded.

He was also one of the lecturers during the seminar “Bioplastics – It´s a better choice” who visited Helsinki, Stockholm and Oslo in early September. The seminar, organized by the Nordic Bioplastics Association, aims to inform about the great possibilities that exist with plastic in the future.

–  For us, it’s important that the plastic is used as optimally and as long as possible. We must also dare to open our minds and see the possibilities instead of the limitations, explains Oscar Hugoson.

–  It’s not necessary for packaging to be recycled to become new packaging, which is often the opinion today, it should instead be about what raw material is in demand. A packaging can become part of a car which can then become a designer armchair. The material already exists, it is about taking advantage of what we have. What is waste for one industry can be a valuable material for another.

–  Let’s use an open mindset in a closed cycle. Don’t see a material like garbage. There is a new application area, there are new exciting business opportunities and recycling is never the end of the chain. This is the beginning of something new, says Oscar Hugoson.

–  So don’t waste the opportunities waste products give you. It’s valuable material and let us help recycle that material and give it new life in another industry.