Environmentally friendly packaging materials

Scanfill produces environmentally friendly packaging materials in PS, PP and PET, made from both new and recycled plastic packaging. You will find information about the different materials below. 

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PP polypropen plastförpackningar-miljövänliga förpackningsmaterial

Scanfoil PP

Scanfoil PP is one of our environmentally friendly packaging materials. It is a thermoforming foil with good forming properties and is available in transparent or multiple colors. The level of clarity can be designed to fit different needs.

Scanfoil PP is food approved and can be used for chilled food, frozen food, and ready meal for microwave oven heating. The material is suitable for cold-, warm-, hot filling, and retort sterilization.

Scanfoil PP Soft Touch is an alternative to regular PP options with a matte surface that has an exclusive soft touch and look. Soft touch gives a low friction effect in stacking, making it easier to feed packaging machines.

Scanfoil PP is suitable for various applications and segments, for example electrical components, industrial applications, and secondary packaging.

The Scanfoil PP material is fully recyclable and the material group with the highest demand on the recycling market.

Scanfoil PP HiClear

Scanfoil PP HiClear transparency is comparable with APET or PS and a great alternative with a greener profile. HiClear has the same attraction in the recycling market as a regular PP.

HiClear is an excellent choice for sustainable food packaging and packaging where visibility is in high demand. It is possible to choose an additive that counteracts condensation (Anti-Fog). It is useful for both chilled and hot applications.

Scanfoil PP Hiclear Hållbara-plastförpackningar livsmedel

Scanfoil rPP

Scanfoil rPP is the greenest alternative seen from the aspect of environmental impact. The level of recycled content can be up to 100%, depending on the requirements of the application.

The possibility of using both post-consumer and post-industrial waste is available, also depending on the project requirements.

100% rPP usually is available in dark shades, but it is possible to use other colors in a foil that is partly recycled. This opens up an entirely new colorful world with endless possibilities in the design of plastic packaging.

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PET plastförpackningar miljövänliga förpackningsmaterial

Scanfoil PET

Scanfoil PET is another alternative for sustainable food packaging. It is a thermoforming APET grade, great for transparent applications, and also available in a recycled version.

The gas barrier is great, which gives possibilities in high demanding applications to lengthen the shelf life.

Scanfoil PET is a widely used polymer that is easy to form and works in most machines. It can be used for many applications like cold and chilled food, secondary and industrial packaging.

Besides the transparent grades, Scanfoil PET is also available in multiple colors, including Carbon Black Free dark colors, even black.

rPET – Recycled PET

Scanfoil rPET can be a mix of APET and rPET or 100% rPET depending on the requirements and the wanted green profile. Due to our machine layer structure possibilities, food contact material is also possible for foil with recycled content.

The transparency is depending on the level of rPET used in the foil. The environmental savings are good due to the reuse of post-industrial or post-consumer recycled material.


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återvunna förpackningar återvunnet material


Anti-fog is a great option for lids, which prevents mist caused by temperature change. This additive will keep the material transparent at all times.

An Anti-Block agent will decrease the static charge, making it easier to process and handle the foil. A slip agent gives the surface of the foil or packaging a lower friction coefficient, making the stacking station in the thermoforming machine and the tray feeding process in the filling machine easier.

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PS polystyren plastförpackningar-miljövänliga förpackningsmaterial

Scanfoil PS

Scanfoil PS is our thermoforming grade that can be produced with PS or HIPS with both color and high transparency, all for different demanding purposes.

This material is easy to form. We can customer adapt with different levels of transparency and high/low impact.

PS is a very stiff and hard material, suitable for multiple purposes for both food packaging, technical trays, and many other industrial packaging solutions. Scanfoil PS has a tremendous snap-ability effect that can be used to detach part of the packaging to leave the rest intact, like a multi-pack solution.

Options and Features

We can color Scanfoil PS in multiple and dual colors, including Carbon Black Free dark colors, even black.

ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) options are also available, giving you the possibility to use Scanfoil PS for more technical applications. This feature helps you to keep the advanced technical applications safe from static discharges.

Recycled content

Post Industrial Recycled material could be mixed into our foil to have a positive impact on the environment and save CO2.

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